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Si usted quiere cambiar el color de la correa, correas y flor tridimensional del vestido, por favor déjenos un masaje cuando usted pone la orden.

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Nicole Bakti Evening Dress 6302



Five Stars

good product & good quality


The best dress ever!!!

JoStar's long dresses are wonderful. I wear them every day. It is the most comfortable garment I have found because it breathes fairly well, and unlike pure polyester, this poly spandex material does not produce static cling. The cut is flattering and very "forgiving" about a few extra pounds! Talk about easy care! This material goes straight into the washer and dryer, and comes out looking perfect. Most spills bead up and can be completely removed with a dry paper towel. This material can be washed many, many times without showing any wear. They can be wadded up and put into a suitcase and they don't wrinkle much if at all. (Some use slightly different material. Most of them are completely wrinkle free.) As an added convenience for traveling, they wash out well in a sink and hang dry overnight. JoStar also sells a variety of jackets that coordinate with the dresses. Depending on the jacket and jewelry, these outfits seem to be appropriate for any occasion, from work to church to running errands or lounging around the house. They don't look too dressy for every day, but they blend in to a formal party as well. What would I do without JoStar? I have a whole closet full of them in different patterns.



I love this dress...It fits perfect. It is true to size. I bought a size small. You can use it as a halter dress or crisscross the straps.

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Nicole Bakti Evening Dress 6302

Nicole Bakti Evening Dress 6302


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